Perry Lowder

Creative Brand Strategist

Pepsi Homemade

Brand Strategy and Positioning


The Challenge:

    Develop a plan to grow Pepsi Homemade (with SodaStream) into a billion dollar brand in the next five years.


The Problem:

    The current Pepsi Homemade experience appeals to neither hardcore fans nor current SodaStream users due to product limitations and perceptions.


The Solution:

    Using craft beer as a case study for disruption, my team found that craft soda is also poised for growth--evidenced by Pepsi’s own efforts to test the craft waters with its own Stubborn Soda and 1893 product lines.

Armed with the insight that the beauty of craft lies not in the actual beverage but in the process of creation, we repositioned Pepsi Homemade in order to leverage the craft experience and make SodaStream a vehicle of promotion for Pepsico’s entire beverages portfolio. We rebranded Pepsi Homemade as Homemade by Pepsi, with the position “Craft Boldness.”

Identifying Gen Z as a target market that values boldness and embodies an entrepreneurial and creative spirit, we made product recommendations and developed a creative campaign with tactics designed to inspire creativity and drive awareness and trial of the Homemade by Pepsi system.

Team: Luisa Contaifer (CBM), Emily Smith (CBM), Kim Le (CBM), Daren Lifferth (CBM)