Perry Lowder

Creative Brand Strategist

MVP (Most Valuable Possession)

Product Innovation

The Challenge:

Develop a new television reality show concept for men ages 55-74.

The Solution:

After careful research of the target market’s most-watched television programs, we found that two kinds of shows received the greatest viewership: Sports and “Treasures in the Attic”--programs like American Pickers, Antiques Roadshow, and Pawn Stars.

Combining these categories, we created a show called “Most Valuable Possession” in which a host, a retired professional athlete, and an appraiser visit the home of a diehard sports fan. The homeowner is interviewed about their love for the team of the retired athlete, and shows the group his/her most valuable piece of sports memorabilia, telling stories related to the item(s). At the end of the show, the appraiser gives an estimate of financial value of the fan’s item, at which time the fan can either sell the item, or keep it for posterity.


Team: Luisa Contaifer (CBM), Will Espinoza (CBM), Adeel Shams (CBM)