Perry Lowder

Creative Brand Strategist

The Byrd Theatre

Brand Repositioning & Identity

The Challenge:

Develop a compelling and clear brand that moves the Byrd Theatre forward, allowing it to better market itself to customers and donors.

The Problem:

Richmonders love a lot about the Byrd and its experience--but they can’t quite define that experience.

The Solution:

We found that the essence and history of the Byrd are rooted in the Golden Age of cinema. We positioned the Byrd as Carytown’s homage to the Golden Age of film. In line with the new positioning, we renamed the theatre as “The Byrd: Carytown’s Movie Palace,” created new branding, and developed supporting tactical recommendations.


Team: Luisa Contaifer (CBM), Emily Smith (CBM), Kim Le (CBM), Daren Lifferth (CBM)